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Gloria Namuddu(non-registered)
Words alone are not enough to describe what kind of emotion some of those pictures have evoked in my heart. Tremendous work. It's an honor to have the opportunity to look at your work. Thank you for sharing with the world.
Mohitkumar Dube(non-registered)
"Pictures speak thousand words" this proverb start making sense to me when looking at pictures you shared. Every picture tells some story whether it is natural beauty , culture, social economic conditions & different moods & faces of individual.
I liked the picture where you captured monks one of them pondering & one laughing & one running.
Excellent all the way ! Keep it up !!
Piet Grim.(non-registered)
Hallo Wil jongen wat een schitterende slide show, en wat een prachtige belichting , Thea en ik hebben genoten van je side en fotografie.
Groeten aan Lia en de meiden. Thea en Piet.
K Y Loo(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Enjoyed them very much. Never know photography can be so rewarding. Keep up the good work.
Margriet Thimister(non-registered)
Wat maak je toch mooie foto's Wil, geweldig hoe je de lichtval op een onderwerp ziet en dat je net op het goede moment aanwezig bent om het vast te leggen.

Blijf ons verbazen met je opnames, ik ben trots op je, broer.
Yusuf Hashim(non-registered)
Keep shooting Wil. Your pictures are brilliant
Henk Pelk(non-registered)
Great pictures. Is good to see that you enjoy life and your hobby. I say continue!

Louis van Dieteren(non-registered)
Hi Wil,

You have really impressed me by putting so much emotions in each and every photo.
Time to change your profession? Thanks for sharing.....
Jaco van Toor(non-registered)
Hi wil,
At first i want to compliment you with your magnificent photo's.
The objects en enviroment wich you visit are very different from the netherlands, but the way you see and photograpgh these things are very beautifull. As specialy the light on some faces are awsome.
Keep up the good work and i wil come back to visit you website.
tack för fin bildspel! Helt annat än Norden.
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