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The previous homepage slideshow dated back from 2012 when I had first set up my website. After I changed the overall design of the site 6 months ago, it was time to put on a new set of images. Most of them are from my trips in 2013 to Myanmar, Tibet and Bangladesh.

Please surf by and take a look to my refreshed site by clicking this link.

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New charity project: Schooldesks for Bangladesh https://www.wilthimisterphotography.com/blog/2013/12/new-charity-project-schooldesks-for-bangladesh I returned from my photo trip to Bangladesh a few weeks ago. Actually it was a combination with giving a Bangladeshi friend the opportunity to visit his family and ill father for the first time after 7 years since he moved to Malaysia to work as a landscape worker. It was a great trip and soon I will be posting some photographs on my website.

In all my photo travels here in South East Asia I have met many people that live on the edge of society, struggling with poverty, living conditions and health issues. It has made me much more aware of my individual social responsibility. That means if people sincerely ask me for help and I believe it to be a good cause, then I will try to help. Simply because if there is a chance you can make a difference to someone's life, then there is not a single reason why you shouldn't.

For 8 days I stayed at my friend's family in the small village of Balaborhati, in the very north of Bangladesh. While I was there, I went to a local school to make photographs. I found children sitting on a clay floor, without any desks or benches. To make a long story short, the teachers asked me if I could help by providing them with new desks. Since I had the experience of doing a similar project in Cambodia in 2010, I promised to collect money for 60 school desks that would be bought from a local supplier. The agreement with the local supplier is that I will make a 50% down payment once I have 60 sponsors. The local supplier will then commence the work. In April 2014 I will return to Bangladesh to collect the desks for delivery to the school and pay the remaining 50%.

All your contributions go for 100% in the desks. All other expenses (e.g. travel) are borne by myself. If you would like to help these children by sponsoring a desk, please get in touch with me ("wil<dot>thimister<at-sign>gmail<dot>com").

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Featured Photographer of the Month by PhotoMalaysia.com https://www.wilthimisterphotography.com/blog/2013/9/featured-photographer-of-the-month-by-photomalaysia-com Four years ago it was the photomalaysia.com website that brought me in touch with some avid travel photographers here in Malaysia. Since then I joined quite a number of photo safari's with them to various places in South East Asia. That experience helped me to further improve my photography and I am proud to say that they have featured me as Photographer of the Month - September 2013.

Follow the link here and you will find a short article with 9 pictures in poster format. Some of the pictures have not been presented before, so check it out.

201103 Nepal - 2647-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit

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Vietnam - a photographers' paradise https://www.wilthimisterphotography.com/blog/2012/11/vietnam---a-photographers-paradise In 2009 I went on a photo tour to the south of Vietnam, organized by Maxby Chan and Yusuf Hashim from www.photosafari.com.my. We spent 7 days around Ho Chi Min City and the central highlands province of Lam Dong. Together with two local photographers we visited places that regular travelers usually pass by unnoticed, unaware of the beautiful landscapes and photogenic spots. The Vietnamese people are exceptionally kind and open to invite you into their private life. It was a great experience.

I created a 120 pages photo book that you can preview here or on Blurb, the company that pioneered the self publishing of photo books.


Photobook Vietnam photographers
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Zenfolio - Online Image Hosting https://www.wilthimisterphotography.com/blog/2012/11/zenfolio---online-image-hosting I use Zenfolio as my image hosting provider. It is fairly simple to set up a site using one of the many standard templates that are available. In addition for those who want a unique look and feel, there are options to customize the layouts and even the theme itself. Their support is very quick. For a 10% discount on the package of your choice, please click the button below or use my referral code 1NF-AEA-NHZ when you sign up.

Proud Zenfolio Member

Check out Kevin Pipher's review of Zenfolio here or a review by TopTenReviews here.

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